There is love in the world and there are people who care for those that have no hope. This maybe the reason you are reading this.
Thank you.

And yet, those in greatest need are not aware that we really do care and feel deeply moved to do something to help.

When that moment comes within us all to take action,
that gift of giving needs to be captured and a mechanism available to provide a way of showing just how much we care.

We have provided this mechanism, the process, for you to make a donation, but to also specify where your support is to be used by looking at the
 pictures of each item needed and emailing your selection to trustee@wfct.org.uk  

Click on this link:

It is up to you to choose the item to sponsor or suggest another way that we can be more effective.

Tell us which of the items you have selected, and how you would like your donation used.

When you are satisfied with your choice use the 'Donate' option on the Donation page to securely send your gift.  We will send you a receipt if we know how to contact you and to let you know how much your gift was appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless you. 

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