About Us

Dear Friend,

The 'Relief of Poverty' is at the centre of the aims of the West Family Charitable Trust.

Donations are provided, not just as a means of buying the solution to solve poverty, but to provide the facilities to enable those affected, to work themselves through their difficulties.

The Trustees provide their time voluntarily and the charity has no other outgoings except for maintaining legal and administrative functions.

The founder, Daisy Mary West (Late Aunt to the three Trustees) a life time vegetarian and actively against exploitation of animals, during the latter years of her life, provided the guidance to contribute to VEGFAM, a charity in-line with her wishes.

The Trustees on behalf of the charity have continued to contribute to other charities including the relief of suffering to animals.

In recent years the charity has only received moderate income and has retained sufficient funds to invest in property to ensure a steady income stream.

This now provides the stability to look at projects to continue the objectives originally set out.

We have detailed these projects in other pages of this site and invite you to offer suggestions how we can improve our help to others and how you might be able to contribute.

We look forward to working together to break the cycle of poverty.

Thank you.