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Eduardo is 15 years old. He needs help with a serious injury he suffered in March 2013. 
A video is available to watch and details of how to donate or who to write to on other ways you can help.

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Schools need recycled [Item 1] Desktop [Item 2] Laptop computers.


The children also need [Item 3] Text and Reference Books.

Books School
Used books, or new. Any will be better than nothing.

To power and recharge a laptop [Item 5] Solar Panel

Teaching Farm Children in Philippines
This is used when the there is no electricity where the children are being taught.
Farms and small villages that are from any source of power.
£100 will pay for this. 

Please let us know which Item Numbers you would like us to use your donation towards in acquiring these and [Item 4] shipping to Schools? 

Additional Message:  Can anyone help to find a bus or coach that can be converted into a classroom?
Some locations are far from any suitable area and shelter from the heat. We would like to add tables and seats. 
It will also be used to take the 'Buddy' team to the region with their laptop to teach the children.  

Thank you on behalf of all the children you help.