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How to Donate & other methods

How you can Donate!

We are delighted to say donations can be made in a variety of ways.

Securely processed online: Click on the image to launch the page.........>

This means you can use the Internet to send your donation using your Debit or Credit Card.
There is no processing charge to you, but the Banks have now started to pass on the charge to us. The rate of this charge is very low compared non-charity organisations, but the charge has to be paid for. Please do not let this put you off. It has been suggested that this charge could be optionally paid for by the card holder and this option may appear on the screen soon. But we are grateful for your support in any way you can.

by clicking on the picture on picture of the girl on the 'Donate page', you will see a screen with name 'West Family Charitable Trust, on it.  Please make sure you are on the correct screen and then select the options offered. 

This process will ensure that your donation effectively goes to those in need of help, and very little is spent in processing your donation as possible. 

Make your donation worth more to the charity at no extra cost to yourself!

The Charity can now claim back the tax paid on donations from the HMRC. The money that you donate to the charity is money that you have already paid tax on, so by Gift- Aiding it, your charity can reclaim that tax. Gift Aid is calculated at the basic- rate taxpayer’s pay, which is currently 20%.

To donate under the Gift Aid scheme you must be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient tax (as income tax and/or capital gains tax) to cover the amount that will be claimed by the charity in each tax year.

Using Gift Aid means that for every £1 you give, the charity can claim an extra 25p. So, for every £100 you give to your charity they will be able to reclaim a further £25 from HMRC.

Just send us your contact details and a declaration:
I am a UK taxpayer and agree to all my gifts in the last four years and any future gifts being eligible for Gift Aid. I have paid income tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the value of tax to be reclaimed.

or You may prefer to send a cheque:

Please make cheques payable to The West Family Charitable Trust 
Please put the account number 22625568 on the back, thank you.

or Take your donation to your bank to deposit:

Please enter the details onto a Bank Deposit slip
The West Family Charitable Trust
Lloyds TSB
A/c 22625568
Sort Code 309795

If you would like to donate in other practical ways in providing your services, equipment, time, expertise, knowledge, influence and support, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please do contact us and suggest how you might be able to help.

Use the Contact Us page or call us direct on +44 (0) 207 193 1738