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A second school benefits from a donation of computers

posted 21 Oct 2013, 16:39 by Nick West   [ updated 21 Oct 2013, 16:41 ]
Indaoac Elementary School at Tabaan Sur, Tuba, Benguet, has received 17 computers and education software 
with flat screen monitors, a printer and networking.
This school is located up a steep winding lane at 2600 feet above sea level.
The lane passes the area of the mountain that slid down and killed 7 people and crushed homes
during a typhoon a few years ago.
The community are still rebuilding and will never fully recover from the loss of life.
It takes up to an hour for children to walk to the school which is so isolated that it cannot be seen from the road.
Your help to maintain the support and encouragement for this community is so important.
If you know of a school that would like to 'Twin' and share culture and knowledge, they would be very happy to share their experiences and learn from other children in other parts of the world. Thank you.